Did you know that 1 in 6 elders in the world today suffer from at least one form of abuse?

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1.Elder Care In-Hand Zone App

1.Elder Care In Hand Zone App

1.The App will be used to record and report instances of abuse. This will also serve as proof of the abuse.
2.These incidents reports notify our System, which prompts our staff to determine the severity of the incident, then notifies the relevant authorities or continue forward with further investigation.
3.Each App user is linked through their own personal ID number to our System Database. The ID number provides all the needed information about the user, i.e. medical condition, nursing home address, room number, etc...
4.Prevention and the willingness to combat elder abuse is near and dear to our hearts.
In-Hand Zone App will be a weapon against such things.

2. Job opportunities for Elders

Our Main Focus is empowering retired elders in all kind of online business, such as:
3. Trading;
4.Finance Professional;
5. Legal consultancy;
6.IT Experts;
8.Workshop Experts on Various Topics;
9.Home Tutors;
10.Traditional Homemade Food Trading.

2. Job Opportunities for Elders

3.Smart Devices and Social Media Workshops

3.Smart Devices and Social Media Workshops

In-Hand Zone workshops will be held within the Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, and other easy to gather locations that will make it easy for the elderly to access it.
Workshops are held to teach the elderly how to use Smartphones and Tablets and enable these outlets to facilitate and enrich their lives. Then, our workshop teaches the elderly how to use our senior-easy-to-use Anti-Elder Abuse App.
Workshops on how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogging, and Online Shopping, are also going to be made available.

4. Marketing Strategies

Aggressive Marketing is necessary to get the word out about our app. Right now, we’re focusing on the following:
1.Identity and Brand Development;
2.Strategic Partnerships;
3.Funnel Marketing;
4.Car Signage;
5.Public Relations Campaign;
6.Flyer Distribution to Nursing Homes and Elderly Community Areas;
7.Large Social Media Campaign;
8.Press Releases, News Features, and Free Publicity;
9.Key Influencers;
10.Referral Program;
11.Trade Shows and Expos;
12.Sticker Marketing Campaign

4. Marketing Strategies


In Hands Zone is an all-in-one solution aimed to bring the elderly into this current age of technology. Our goal is to enable them to use modern resources to act against immoral societal behaviors, using social media platforms. Support for their personal financial needs is also our passion, to assist them to lead a healthy retired life.
It’s not just an app, it’s not just a support system, it’s a comprehensive system that addresses both our elders’ safety and social interaction needs. This is the ultimate safety app. It is filled with features that are designed to keep you secure at all times.
It is perfect for elders who may feel unsafe when they are walking alone at night. It is also helpful for seniors who are all alone at home. Through this app, the senior can let somebody know their exact location (GPS location sharing) and even what is happening (video).
We at InHandZone believe in a world that cares for their elders and wants to make it a place where everyone matters! By supporting our project you don't just get an app, you contribute to a community.



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